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SING A CAPPELLA! With ANDREA FIGALLO – Sabato 9 Luglio 2016


ANDREA FIGALLO - Masterclass Luglio 2016
– Cantare in gruppo ed insieme: a cappella.
– Come e perché.
– Tecnica vocale, presenza scenica, controllo dello strumento e produzione di felicità: sia per noi che per chi ci ascolta.
– Batteria vocale e basso vocale per una solida ed indispensabile sezione ritmica.
– Lavoro e preparazione di uno o due brani a cappella per capire e mettere in pratica le tecniche fondamentali.

Andrea Figallo is a successful singer/musician. Specialized in vocal/choral music, his diverse professional activities include conducting, stage performances, songwriting, arranging, producing, recording, and teaching.

He works with the Wise Guys as bass singer and producer since January 2013.

He appears as bass singer in the Grammy Nominated 2010 Bobby McFerrin’s CD “Vocabularies”.

He is frequently invited to tour Europe to perform in various venues, hold workshops for singers, serve as a jury member for international competitions, etc.

His original compositions and arrangements are recorded and performed in many countries, and albums produced by him have received numerous nominations.

As a teacher of all things vocal, being a versatile musician with a wealth of experience, he is able to provide practical advice to choirs and vocal groups on a wide range of commonly problematic topics such as choral skills, repertoire proficiency, rehearsal approach, vocal percussion/drumming, rhythmic awareness, stage presence, performance confidence, choreography, microphone technique, and recording techniques.


As performer:

– More than 1.500 concerts in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA.

– In 1993 works and performs with the “Coro da Camera dell’Università di Bologna”, Italia.

– In 1994 founds the a cappella vocal group Jazz’n Jam with which he produces 2 albums and performs in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

– In 2001 is hired by the British group The Flying Pickets. (until 2013)

– In 2007 is invited to New York to add his voice to Bobby McFerrin’s album VOCAbuLarieS..

– In 2013 is hired by the german group Wise Guys.

As arranger/composer:

Some of his original compositions are published with Hebling GmbH (Germany) and Edition Ferrimontana (Germany). As a skilled arranger, he arranges songs to fit the needs of each specific vocal formation. His arrangements are included in repertoires of groups like reSound (Stockholm), The Flying Pickets (London), The Ghost Files (Alessandria), Altacucina (Modena), Torre De Babel (Madrid), Comedaccordo (Turin), 6sottochiave (Turin), Voices In Time (Munchen), Junge Vokalensemble (Hannover), Niniwe (Berlin), Don Camillo Chor (Munchen), Coretto dei Pinguini (Volterra), etc.

As producer/singer:

Uno”, Jazz’n Jam, 1996

Libera La Fantasia”, Jazz’n Jam, 1998 (CARA nominated)

“Vocal Zone” EP, Flying Pickets, singer, © Flying Pickets ltd., 2003

The Next Generation”, Flying Pickets, singer, © Indigo, 2003

Everyday”, Flying Pickets, producer/arranger/singer, © In-Akustik, 2004 (CARA nominated)

Big mouth”, Flying Pickets, arranger, singer, © In-Akustik, 2008 (2 CARA nominations)

New Folder”, The Ghost Files, producer, arranger, singer, © Preludio, 2008 (4 CARA nominations)

Angeles” EP, Esmeralda Grao, producer, © Loccade Records, 2009

Sottovoce”, Esmeralda Grao, producer, singer, © Loccade Records, 2009

VOCAbuLarieS”, Bobby McFerrin, singer, 2010 (3 Grammy Nomination)

Only Yule”, Flying Pickets, co-producer, arranger, singer, © In-Akustik, 2010
“Comedaccordo”, Comedaccordo, producer, arranger, 2012

Bottle this moment”, Bonner JazzChor, producer, 2013

Antidepressivum”, single, Wise Guys, producer, singer, 2013
“Achterbahn”, CD, Wise Guys, producer, singer, 2014

Läuft bei euch”, CD, Wise Guys, producer, singer, 2015
“Live in Wien”, DVD/CD, Wise Guys, producer, singer, 2015

…and various musical projects, jingles, ringtones for private companies.

His cd productions have earned 8 CARAs nominations: 2 best pop/rock album, 2 best european album, best jazz album, best holiday song, best original song, best jazz song.

As teacher:

Andrea is regularly being invited as professor in public and private choral workshops. Here are some of the public events he took part to:

2003, Taipei University, Taiwan

2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 Vokal Total, Graz, Austria

2005, 2006, 2007, at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, hired by Neumann Microphones GmbH, Germany

2005, Vocal Jazz Summit, Mainz, Germany

2006, 2009, Aarhus Vocal Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

2007, Jazzvocal Seminar, Fernsehen, Germany, for the Deutscher Musikrat.

2007, European Master of Music, Lucca, Italy

2008, FestiVokal MusikSommerAkademie, Frankfurt, Germany

2009, 2011, Jazzvocal Seminar, Frankfurt, Germany, for the Deutscher Musikrat

2008, 2009, 2010, VokalSommerAkademie, Wien, Austria

2010, Scuola di Musica 55, Trieste, Italy

2010, 2011, Osaka, Japan (for the ‘Osaka Society for the Promotion of Ensemble’)

2005->2011, biannual workshops at Landesakademie Ochsenhausen, Germany
2011, Vocal Jazz Workshop, Ilbenstadt, Germany, for the Deutscher Musikrat

2013, Kyoto University

As jury member:

2003, Asian Championship of College A Cappella, Taipei, Taiwan

2004, 2007, 2010, Oesterreichisches Jugendsingen, Mikrofon-Wettbewerb, Graz, Austria

2006, 2009, Aarhus Vocal Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

2008, 2010, 2013 (president of the jury) A cappella award – Ulm, Germany

2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, Vokal Total, Graz, Austria

2010, Deutscher Musikwettbewerb, Dortmund, Germany

2011, Hessisches Chorfestival, Oberursel, Germany

As choir conductor:

from 1994 to 2000 conducts the vocal group Jazz’n Jam (Bologna)

from 1997 to 1998 conducts the gospel choir Sottospiritual (Modena)

from 2005 to 2008 funds and conducts the choir VoXes (Fossano)

from 2012 to 2013, conducts the pop-jazz choir Don Camillo (Munchen, Germany)

from 2001… he is invited from choirs as guest conductor and private coach.

Some of the choirs who had Andrea as coach:

Voices in Time (Munich, Germany)

Free Voices Gospel Choir (Turin, Italy)

Jazzchor Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)

Maytree (Seoul, South Korea)

Re:mu (Osaka, Giappone)

Comedaccordo (Turin, Italy)

BonnerJazzChor (Bonn, Germany)

Kammerchor des Gymnaisiums Miesbach (Munchen, Germany)

MundARTmonika (Heilbronn, Germany)

Vierkanter (Austria)

Slash (Catania, Italy)

Hartmuth und die Hitmaschine (Berlino, Germany)

CM Swing (Helsinki, Finland)

Praise and Joy (Germany)

reSOUND (Stockholm, Sweden)

Don Camillo Chor (Munich, Germany)

Voices International (Luxembourg)

Barefusszone (Lucerna, Svizzera)

Intoxication (Berlin, Germany)

Musix (Berlino, Germania)

Torre de Babel (Madrid, Spain)

Cosmos (Latvia)

@cappella (Lucerna, Svizzera)

Traffic Jam (Homburg, Germania)

Ois Voice (Graz, Austria)

St.Martin Choir (Austria)

Desimpar (Barcelona, Spain)

Chor St. Georg (Vienna, Austria)

Voiceberg (Austria)


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